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We always improve the production process, through important investments in high-tech systems, constant research and development of human resources. One of the main focus is to develop effective and innovative production and processing processes in order to meet the needs of our customers and, at the same time, guarantee them the highest quality value in all our products while maintaining a highly competitive price.

To this end, the company has worked in the search for high quality standards, confirmed by the obtaining of food certifications:

- Global G.A.P. for melons and watermelons of our production

- IFS Food (International Food Standard)

- BRC Certification Body

About us

The path of the new business has found appreciation from the GDO and fruit and vegetable markets of Italy to be attributed to the manual and accurate processing of the product, now replaced everywhere by the selection through automatic machinery.
The current method allows to show a perfect occupation of the space of the tray, subsequently packed with strictly transparent plastic! Ranieri believes that the most beautiful and exciting aspects should still be born.
Constant research of new markets and partners, firm will of foreign expansion with new forms of the article available, perpetual desire to increase the turnover that allows the incessant potential of corporate investment.
With this presentation we want to tell you about the ambition and passion of those who are present daily for Agricola Ranieri.

Our Products


The melon, in the early phase, adopts varietal types of raisins, which give the fruit a characteristic subdivision of the rind in "slices". Moreover, in the late phase, it uses long-life varieties presenting itself as a dense crossing of tuberosity, denoting the characteristic uniformity of netting.

Melon processing is carried out by an electronic weighing machine, where the product is brushed, washed and dried. The packaging is carried out by operators and carried out in the packaging requested by customers.

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The cultivation of the watermelon welcomes the mother variety of the species: CRIMSON. Particular attention is paid to achieving the required quality standards:
- sugar content, expressed in degrees brix (> 12 ° brix)
- intense color of the pulp
- consistency

Watermelons are brushed and calibrated by a special mechanical system, also equipped with an EAN labeled pricing system.

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Quality control.
The chemical analyzes start from the collection of the product in the field, by producers personally selected that respect our philosophy of quality control and in line with the GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, with sampling of batches that will subsequently represent the finished product. In the event that the raw material derives from NON certified crops, the company takes care to scrupulously analyze the lots purchased. The analyzes are aimed at verifying the level of residues of plant protection products used during cultivation.

In the packaging environment, the following checks are carried out daily on the machines in use:

- Certified weight and calibration
- Cleaning of the premises
- Staff suitability

Safety of the finished product.
In order to correctly manage and execute food safety operations and to control microbiological parameters, the company has set up specific sanitization and cleaning procedures with surface pads.

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